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We offer our customers the highest standard materials, and we provide our services with professionalism and integrity. Projects are completed on spec, on time, and on budget. We not only meet our customers’ needs, but we also exceed their expectations.

Drywall Installation Contractor Services

We offer top quality residential and commercial drywall installation services to our clients throughout the Greater Vancouver Area. Our drywall installation services are performed at an exceptional standard and top quality from jobs such as demolition, carpentry or framing, insulation, vapor barriers, and drywall installation.
For more details and the cost of our drywall installation services please contact us.

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Sound Proofing

Residential, Industrial, Commercial Sound Proof Services. We provide residential, commercial and industrial soundproofing services all over the Greater Vancouver Area. If you are a homeowner, general contractor or a business professional who sees value in tranquil quietness, we can offer you the best results by combining the superior quality of sound insulating materials we supply with unmatched expertise of installation by our specially trained crews.

Drywall Taping Services

Edgeline Drywall System Ltd. provides residential and commercial taping and plastering services all over the Greater Vancouver Area. If you are a homeowner or home builder that needs taping and plastering work, whether if it is a basement, a kitchen, a bathroom or a full house that needs to be taped, we will work with any project. Give us a call or email us with your inquiry.